North Dallas Rental Fund

Status: Closed but In-Progress

Grow Developments is teaming up with NTX RES to acquire discounted properties in high growth parts of North Texas. Our business plan is to renovate the properties with luxury finishes, and lease them to the many high-income professionals moving to the area.

The Texas job growth rate continues to increase at a faster rate than the rest of the nation. North Texas exceeded 8 million residents during the pandemic, and is slated to replace Chicago as the 3rd largest U.S. metro. Builders have had a difficult time keeping up with demand due to pandemic related shutdowns and subsequent supply chain disruptions. Strong migration coupled with low housing supply has contributed to a housing shortage approaching 200,000 homes.

North Texas Becoming Global Tech Hub

And more big tech jobs are on the way! The US Senate approved $52 billion in subsidies for companies to build semiconductors in America. Many of these companies are choosing North Texas for their operations, and job growth is expected to explode.

NTX Res LLC offers vertical integration of acquisitions, renovations and management through OmniKey Property Management. Omnikey has been helping RealWealth members acquire and manage investment properties for over a decade, with rave reviews.

The fund, Real Income Properties Texas, LLC will be a more passive way to invest in the Dallas area. We are excited to offer this diversified single family fund that offers built-in equity, cash flow, tax benefits and a very good chance of appreciation.

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