Unlocking the Secrets of
Land Development

A Masterclass on
How to to Maximize Your Returns

Have you ever wanted to subdivide a lot, or build an ADU on your land?
Or perhaps you’ve wanted to build a home, an apartment building, or an entire subdivision. 
In this in-depth 12 week on-line program, consisting of weekly 90 minute live sessions, you will embark on a transformative journey into the fascinating world of real estate development.
Your coach, Kathy Fettke, started her journey in development in 2009 during the global financial crisis. A 40-year veteran developer contacted her and explained how foreclosed land and development projects could be purchased for as little as ten cents on the dollar.
Together, along with investors, they purchased 27 waterfront townhomes for $3M  in Portland, Oregon that were 70% complete. They finished them out, sold all units, and returned a 30% IRR to investors.
Since then, Kathy has worked with that same developer and a variety of other developers flipping land, entitling projects, building subdivisions and commercial buildings. Over the years, she has learned what works and what doesn’t when underwriting a project, a contractor or a market. All those lessons will be shared in this masterclass.
The knowledge you’ll gain:
1. Understand the land development process from conception to sale
2. Evaluate and select suitable land for development
3. Conduct comprehensive feasibility studies and due diligence
4. Master the financial aspects of development including budgets, funding sources and tax credits
5. Learn the environmental impacts, including air and traffic studies
6. Navigate the approval and permitting process, and community engagement
7. Discover project management principles for oversight and time management
8. Analyze real estate market trends and dynamics
9. Understand the principles of urban design, and local planning
10. Be mindful of the legal and ethical considerations
11. Streamline the process with emerging trends, technologies and systems 
 Week 1 – Foundations of Land Development
An introduction to land development, examining its unique benefits and challenges, setting the stage for the upcoming in-depth exploration
Week 2 – Spotting Lucrative Opportunities
Master the art of identifying promising land development opportunities using time-tested strategies and tools
Week 3 – Deciphering zoning and Land Use Laws
A comprehensive look at zoning regulations and land use laws, and their implications on your projects
Week 4 – Site Analysis and Project Planning
Uncover the secrets of conducting a thorough site analysis and creating a robust and achievable project.
Week 5 – Financing Your Vision
An exploration of financing options, including bank loans, syndication and private or institutional investment.
Week 6 – Interactive Q&A
Your opportunity to present your land development ideas or projects and gain valuable insight and guidance 
Week 7 – Understanding the Permitting Process
An in-depth session on the permitting process,  how to overcome hurdles and streamline the process.
Week 8 – Construction Management and Troubleshooting
Learn about construction management, contractor negotiation, and problem solving strategies
Week 9 – Winning Marketing and Sales Strategies
Delve into effective marketing strategies and optimize your sales process
Week 10 – Interactive Q&A
Another opportunity to present your deals, ask questions, and gain expert feedback from experienced guest speakers
Week 11 – Mastering Negotiations, Seller Financing, Lease Options and Other Creative Acquisition Strategies 
Sharpen your negotiation skills and develop strategies for collaborating with the seller to lower your upfront costs
Week 12 – Final Review
We will conclude with a review of the learnings, and reflect on the experience. Optional, present your project for potential funding.
Guest Speaker Appearances: Throughout the course, experienced developer partners will be invited to teach and participate in the Q&A/coaching, offering students unique insights that can only come from experience.
Course Delivery Format:
This course is designed to deliver maximum value through live on-line sessions which allow for real-time interaction between the students and the instructor. The course also includes a Q&A session after each lesson to address any questions or concerns. 
Who should attend: Real estate investors, agents, developers, and anyone with an interest in land development will find this course immensely valuable.  Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned professional, there’s something for everyone in this comprehensive masterclass.
Registration: Register early to secure your spot in this high-demand course. You can choose to enroll in the 12 week on-line course alone, or take it to the next level with our hands-on in-person development experience in Utah.  
12-Week Online Course: $7500
Advanced Level Investment:
12-Week Course, Plus a Hands-On Development Experience in Utah
$7500 + $50,000 
What if you could put your lesson into action immediately?
Limited slots are available to participate in the purchase of a lot, and partake in a guided build project. 10 students will contribute $50,000 each to purchase a lot and participate in the building of a spec home at participate in the building of a spec home at Discovery Ridge in Park City. You can decide if you want to sell your share, hold as a rental, or keep as a shared vacation home. (The return on investment is expected to be over 30% over a 20 month time period.)
This Masterclass provides you with an exceptional learning environment that combines the depth of knowledge, practical skills, and interactive engagement with successful developers. 
The Advanced Level option includes an on-site meetup in Utah to witness the development project first-hand. 
Join us in this game-changing program designed to elevate your real estate journey to unprecedented heights.  Take the plunge into the world of land development with unmatched confidence, expertise and support.

If you have any questions about this masterclass, please send them to questions@growdevelopments.com

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